Take 10 to Talk about Poverty

Can you spare 10 minutes this week to talk about poverty with your friends and family?

This year’s anti-poverty week focussed on child poverty.  Did you realise child poverty is a huge concern in Canberra?


ACTCOSS and Hands Across Canberra would like you to take 10 mins to discuss some of the real facts about poverty in Canberra relating to child poverty.   We have made a list of some of the latest facts contributing to suffering within our community – especially our Canberran kids.  If you would like to learn more head to the bottom of the page, where you will also see other ways that you can help or get involved.


10 minutes of your time, that could potentially help children in Canberra and Australia get out of poverty. 

  • Affordable accommodation is one of the biggest contributors to poverty in Canberra. We have the highest rent prices in the country, causing significant stress, especially for single parents.
    • Rent in Canberra is $150 a week higher than the national average. What is worse, is the ACT has the highest amount of rental stress among low-income private rental households, at 73%.
    • 74% of people aged under 24 receiving CRA (Commonwealth Rental Assistance) are paying more than 30% of their income in rents, compared to 58% Australia-wide. (↑16%)
    • 22% of Canberrans on CRA are spending 50% or more of their income on rent – compared to 13% nationally.
    • Vacancy rate in Canberra is 0.7%, compared to 1.1% last year.
    • March 2021, out of 1,002 private rental properties advertised in Canberra none were affordable for households on working age social security payments such as JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, and the Disability Support Pension. An extremely small proportion were affordable for households receiving the age pension or on the minimum wage.
  • 44% of the population are children of sole parent families.
  • There is an increase of 30% or higher, compared to pre-covid level, of people requiring support while looking for work.
  • Hands Across Canberra are in close contact with our local charities. In fact, recently we provided grants to many of our charities in crisis.  The common theme is Canberrans need basics such has food.  This is very different to lock down last year, where the government support was higher.  (Reference Peter Gordon CEO Hands Across Canberra)
  • Over the last 5 years medical and hospital costs have increased by 28%
  • Electricity prices have increased by 25%, and gas prices have increased by 31%
  • Housing costs are up by 15%
  • For households in the lowest income quintile essential goods and services make up 51% of their household expenditure compared to 36% of their highest income quintile counterparts.