AEIOU Foundation

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AEIOU is a leading provider of specialist early intervention, delivering therapy and education support for children with autism aged between two and six years.

The service provided by AEIOU Foundation is unique. AEIOU’s evidence-based program of learning and specialised care comprises of behaviour therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, early childhood education, and childcare. This is delivered by teams oftrained professionals at 10 centres across Queensland and South Australia, in a play-based environment. The physical environments of the centres are comparable to mainstream day-care settings, with additional safety measures and specialised facilities and resources.
AEIOU specialises in supporting children with level 2 and level 3 diagnoses. For many of these children, the disabling aspects of autism create a barrier for attending typical childcare services; they are often excluded or the service does not have the resources or skills to support their needs. Families also receive training, support and advice, along with home visits and assistance with accessing the community. Imperative to the service is transition support, assisting children, their parents and teachers as they enter their next learning environment. Each AEIOU centre is staffed with speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and behaviour therapists, along with full-time specialist early childhood teachers and skilled learning facilitators.