Canberra Community Law

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Canberra Community Law's Goals:- People on low incomes or facing disadvantage in Canberra region receive legal services tailored to their individual needs.- Government has access to 'real world' client information to develop and implement policy.- The legal profession, students, government, client groups and the broader community are educated on the work and role of Canberra Community Law within our areas of expertise.- Awareness and support for our work is strengthened through strong effective relationships and partnerships.- Canberra Community Law is a safe and sustainable organisation that values its people and can meet the ongoing needs of the Canberra community.

Canberra Community Law

Canberra Community Law is an independent community organisation. We have been part of the Canberra community for almost 35 years. We work at the grassroots level to ensure that people in the ACT who face financial and other barriers can get specialist legal assistance on a wide range of legal issues including housing, Centrelink, race or disability discrimination, debts, and proof of ID issues. We also provide specialist support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people facing homelessness. Our legal team collaborates with a dedicated social worker to offer intensive support to clients including women experiencing family and domestic violence and people with disability.

We also operate an evening legal assistance service in most areas of law and in 2020 we launched a COVID-19 legal clinic and the Canberra COVID-19 Legal Help website in response to the increased demand for COVID-19 related legal assistance.

Our targeted support helps people to obtain housing, claim Centrelink payments, get their debts waived, resolve their employment issues and much more. Our targeted support empowers both our clients and the broader community to live a better quality of life.

Canberra Community Law giving a Community Legal Education presentation on Assistance Animals
Canberra Community Law providing training to CIT students on working with clients.
Canberra Community Law presenting on How to Spot a Legal Issue
Canberra Community Law staff participating in Sorry Day Bridge Walk
Canberra Community Law staff learning about how Indigenous Australians have used plants for ceremonial practice.