Chapman St Pantry

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Community street pantry

What is the Chapman St Pantry?


The Chapman St Pantry is a small, family-run community street pantry, located at the
Civic end of Chapman St, Braddon.  Our street address is 64 Elimatta St, but the pantry is located around the corner on Chapman St.  We have two cupboards set up on the street; one with food and the other with non-food items, all available for people doing it tough.


Why are we doing this?


In a nutshell – to help people in need.  The pantry runs on the philosophy of “give what you can, take what you need”.


Who can donate?  Who can take items?


Anyone can donate or take items.  We ask that you only take things if you really need them, because our pantry is focused on helping people doing it tough (living on the streets or otherwise in real need).  We donate a lot ourselves, but we depend on our community to keep the pantry going, because there is a lot of need and the pantry is emptied frequently.


How can you help?


Please stop by to visit our pantry with donations at any time.   Consider adding a few extra items to your grocery list each week, and donate on a regular basis.  If you need help yourself, you can come by to help yourself to the available items.  If you have any organisational connections (eg supermarkets, bakeries, knitting groups who might be willing to donate regularly, or vouchers for food purchases), put us in touch!


What items are needed?


Donate non-perishable food and personal hygiene / other basic survival items – things which might be useful to people living rough or otherwise in need.  Items in good condition only.