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Support for vulnerable Canberrans. Provides free Halal hot meals, free groceries items, and white goods to struggling families and at times of needs.

At Rahimoon, our inspiration is the fifth (5th) pillar of Islam “Charity” and the teaching of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him). Giving to others is a wonderful feeling.

Our aim is to build community and help others. Through our charity work, we want to establish social cohesion between Muslims and other community members in the Australian society.

The companys object is to pursue the following charitable purpose(s):

Provide Free hot meals delivery on behalf of the organization to vulnerable Australians including refugees during hardship, natural disaster, and pandemic times and at times of need including refugees and other vulnerable Australians.

Help settle refugees to Australia by  Provide them clothes, food, whitegoods, and other household items that are necessary in their daily life.

Helping newly arrived refugees to connect to their community and to integrate with the Australian society

Make them familiarize with their neighborhood, town and city by taking them out for tour

Organise training program to upskill their communication skills

Assist them with their Employment

Organise Youth and Women activities to empower them to be able to integrate with Australian way of life.

Provide them the resources and environment which is culturally and religiously appropriate for them.

Organise social and cultural events including sports activities

Social activities

Establishing facilities to provide cost-free counselling services including legal services on day-to-day matters and on minor issues related to families and communities.

To provide facilities for recreation activities

Establishing youth centre, community centre, educational facilities for local and newly migrants Muslims

Establishing charitable (welfare) funds and /or ororganisations and collecting and distributing donations for charitable purposes.

Conduct fundraising activities to generate funding for the Company to achieve its objects.

To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims and to foster a Muslim community based on the Islamic principles of unity, equality, mutual help and Islamic teachings of peace, love, and justice.


Delivering food during Covid Lockdown in Canberra, 2021