Rotary is an international service organisation. District 9705 is responsible for coordinating a vulnerable youth housing project and this project is being led by Rotary Club of Canberra

Together with partners ACT Youth Coalition and the ACT Government, Rotary has put together a project involving the following essential elements:

• Allocation of a HousingACT house,
• The refurbishment of the house by HousingACT using Commonwealth Government funding,
• Use of the proven “Ruby’s Place” model (from Adelaide) for respite / reunification housing for vulnerable 12-17 year-old children,
• Management of the facility will be through an established service provider such as St Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army and licensed by Ruby’s Place,
• Funding of the bulk of the expected $800,000 per annum operating costs by ACT Government, with a maximum $50,000 per annum contribution by Rotary,
• When operational, the home will be staffed 24/7 by youth workers on shifts.