$180,000+ of community support for Covid-19 Relief

Published on 14 September 2021

Hands Across Canberra announced today that a further 12 local community projects will share more than $80,000 in grant funding from the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund, as the final part of an urgent Covid -19 lockdown relief round.  The first round granted more than $100,000 in funding, bringing the total to $183,000.

This round of funding yet again reflects the increasing crisis within our community as the lockdown continues in Canberra, with many charities pressured to diversify as the normal channels are at capacity due to this pandemic.  Many local fundraising activities have been prevented due to the lockdown, putting further pressure on already stretched resources.

Peter Gordon, CEO of Hands Across Canberra, said that the grants allowed charities to continue serving their communities and those who needed help the most.

“As a community foundation, our role is to stand with and support our local charities as best we can to navigate the impacts of COVID-19,” Peter Gordon said. “We cannot thank all of our donors and charity partners enough whose commitment to the cause and the community sector’s dedication to service, has meant we are able to distribute funds when it matters most.”

Peter Gordon went on to say. “pulling together for our community by joining in partnership with the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund, as well as providing opportunities for people to give back is what we are here for as a community foundation.”

Grants are being deployed across the Canberra region, helping to serve people experiencing hardship from the social and economic impacts of the pandemic, and supporting a variety of community needs. Relief is being provided in the form of:

  • Food assistance
  • Mental health support
  • Shelter
  • Rent & bills relief
  • Increasing social services
  • Community connection

The following organisations are benefactors of this grant round and are providing various forms of relief to vulnerable members of our community: ACT Down Syndrome Association, Gordon Community Center, Canberra Police Community Youth Club Inc, Canberra Refugee Support, Canberra Youth Residential Service, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Diversity ACT Community Services, Hepatitis ACT, KULTURE BREAK, Philanthropize, Rotary District 9705, The Early Morning Centre and The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children.  The full list of grants awarded is attached.

There continues to be a genuine demand in funding and we ask that our more fortunate community members give where they live so we can continue to help them.  This can easily be done by donating directly with Hands Across Canberra –   select a charity of your choice or be assured that their donations will be spread within our community.  Another easy way to donate and get funds to our charities quickly, is through the Supahands campaign run with our partner, Supabarn, Visit to find out more.

Visit to donate or discover how you can help our most vulnerable community members doing it tough in these times.

About Hands Across Canberra

Hands Across Canberra is an independent philanthropic community foundation, working with more than 300 local community organisations. Funds for this grant round are being provided by the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund which is delivered in partnership with Hands Across Canberra. To donate visit

Media Contact

Peter Gordon – CEO – 0417 064 767


The following non-profit organisations were awarded grant funds from the HAC/CMCF Relief Grant Round:

Organisation Name Grant Amount Project Name
ACT Down Syndrome Association $2,000.00 Combating social isolation for people with Down Syndrome
Anglicare NSW South, NSW West and ACT $10,000.00 Gordon Community Centre food and rent relief
Canberra Police Community Youth Club Inc $10,000.00 Safe place during COVID
Canberra Refugee Support Inc $10,000.00 CRS Covid Support
Canberra Youth Residential Service $10,000.00 Brokerage assistance for young people experiencing homlessness
Cerebral Palsy Alliance $10,000.00 Telepractice Support Kits for people with disability & Early Intervention for Babies at Risk of CP
Diversity ACT Community Services $1,500.00 COVID-19 Family Counselling Support
Hepatitis ACT $1,300.00 Keeping community, safe, supported and connected
KULTURE BREAK $2,700.00 SIZE – Social Inclusion Zoom Experience
Philanthropize Pty Ltd $2,000.00 Adamas Nexus Support Group for Women survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse
Rotary District 9705 $10,000.00 Meals for Canberra – Canberrans Helping Hands
The Early Morning Centre $3,000.00 Increase safety – additional emergency food packs
The Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children $9,000.00 Care in Crisis’ – A counselling program for deaf children and their families in the ACT