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Named Funds

Establishing a Named Fund with Hands Across Canberra is a simple, impactful and lasting way to support the issues that are most important to you.

Leaving a legacy

There are many reasons to establish a Named Fund with Hands Across Canberra. You may have an emotional connection to a charitable cause, a desire to engage your family members in philanthropy, a means to give back to your community after experiencing success in a business venture, or perhaps you wish to honour the memory of a friend or family member.

Establishing a Named Fund during your lifetime allows you to ‘give where you live,’ and if you decide to make a bequest to your Named Fund, you can leave a lasting legacy & support your community for generations to come.

No matter the reason, let us help you bring your philanthropic vision to life.

Canberra Women’s Giving Circle The Canberra Women’s Giving Circle (CWGC) raises funds to assist low-income individuals and families to ameliorate the effects of climate change on their wellbeing.
Hala Batainah Fund The Hala Batainah Fund is established to recognise the substantial contribution Hala has made to the Canberra community and the IT industry.
Running Rare Fund Running Rare was set up by Tim and Jess Fulton to support Australians living with a rare or undiagnosed disease.
Sue Salthouse Fund The Sue Salthouse fund will seek to empower people with disability to pursue leadership development opportunities including attending conferences, university, mentoring, skill building courses and act
The Lotus Collective To support all victims of Child Sex Abuse, the child, the parents, the siblings, the extended family and friends.

Why partner with Hands Across Canberra?

Giving made easy

We offer simple and effective solutions for our donors to support the issues that matter most to them. Hands Across Canberra takes care of the investment, governance, compliance and administration, allowing donors to focus on supporting the causes they are passionate about.

Deep community knowledge

With deep insight and understanding of local needs and opportunities, we are able to guide our donors in making the most strategic granting decisions. Through our Vital Signs research and workshops with the Not- for-Profit Sector, we promote discussion on the key issues affecting Canberra.

Investing for perpetuity

Hands Across Canberra has an objective to progressively build a capital base that will offer charities an ongoing funding stream to tackle areas of disadvantage in our community. The investment of funds are managed by JB Were who have been appointed as our expert investment managers. The establishment of Named Funds is also a means of creating an ongoing grant base for charities over a long term. The gifts we receive are held in trust, creating a permanent legacy for our community.

Join a community of donors

When donors join Hands Across Canberra they become a valued member of a community of donors. We are committed to working collaboratively with our donors to bring their philanthropic vision to life and help them create an enduring impact with their charitable giving.

Strong governance & accountability

Hands Across Canberra is governed by a well-credentialled Board and has established several committees to assist in the strong governance of its activities.

The three entities that comprise Hands Across Canberra are independent philanthropic organisations, proudly recognised as registered charities with the Australian Charities and Not-for- profits Commission (ACNC).

The Trustee of Hands Across Canberra Trust (Public Ancillary Fund) is governed by the Federal Treasury’s Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines 2011 (as amended 2016) and the financial statements of all three entities are audited annually by an independent auditor.

The annual Impact Report outlines our activities for the year and a copy is available to download from our website.

Flexibility in charitable giving

We offer a variety of different ways to give to your community, depending on your desired level of involvement. Examples of giving range from a once off donation, regular donations, establishing a Named Fund, to leaving a lasting legacy through your Will, we can help you support the causes you care most about.

Accessible, cost-effective philanthropy

As a community foundation, we are committed to providing accessible and low-cost giving options to help donors achieve their charitable goals.

Collaboration & innovation

We are in a unique position to collaborate with other charities, foundations, advisers and local communities on innovative approaches which address our city’s greatest challenges. We regularly link up with other funding bodies to amplify the funds available to charities to undertake their valuable work.

If you are interested in learning more information about our Named Funds please contact Peter Gordon

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