Named Fund Overview

Published on 08 April 2021

Establishing a NAMED FUND with Hands Across Canberra, is a simple and tax effective way to support the issues that are most important to you. 

Our NAMED FUNDS are administered through a not-for-profit trustee, investments are managed through our expert investment advisors JB Were and provide a flexible, cost effective giving vehicle that allows you to support charities over the long term. NAMED FUNDS are less costly and easier to administer than other forms of giving such as private foundations and are a flexible, efficient and thoughtful way for donors to structure their charitable giving. 

There are many reasons why donors may choose to establish a NAMED FUND. They range from having an emotional connection to a charitable cause, a desire to engage family members in philanthropy, a way to contribute to the community after experiencing success in business or perhaps to honour the memory of a friend or family member. Some donors set up a NAMED FUND during their lifetime to enable them to ‘give where they live,’ and then decide to make a bequest to their NAMED FUND, leaving a legacy for generations to come. 

By partnering with Hands Across Canberra, you can benefit from our expertise in grant making, our deep community engagement and knowledge of current community issues, to help you realise your philanthropic goals and make a lasting difference.

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