A message from Hands Across Canberra CEO, Peter Gordon

Published on 25 March 2022

The third annual Canberra Day Appeal was a success and showed just how generous Canberrans are. It confirmed what we already knew-  that we are among the most generous people in Australia. Our appeal encourages people to give where we live, and Canberrans did that for the 2022 Canberra Day Appeal, in a time where generosity was spread around the world.   Thank you.

The work we do with our many charities and not-for-profit organisations changes lives. The 75 charities who joined us for the appeal benefited from your generosity. Organisations as diverse as Pegasus, Canberra Refugee Support and Multi-cultural Hub did well, positively impacting their service.

We saw other benefits of a Canberra-focused appeal,  including Canberra businesses’ involvement and the increase of Canberrans joining our community.   We would love to see more local businesses leading the way in the future.
Our charities are a treasure trove of stories, and the appeal shares those stories with our community.   The work of Region Media, WIN TV, ABC Radio, The Canberra Times, Canberra Radio including 106 and 104FM, 2CC and 2CA, Radio 1RPH and others played a crucial part to share those stories, as we can easily believe they do not exist in Canberra.

Most important was the incredible creative work of Agency 9, who are simply the best digital storytellers in Canberra.

We have great plans for the Canberra Day Appeal’s future and hope you will join us to make it bigger and better.  If every Canberran helps just a little bit, then Canberra could be well looked after in the future.  We are also asking all of our local businesses to get involved, by registering with our community and meeting with Hands Across Canberra.

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