ACT Volunteer Statement

Published on 24 August 2011

The ACT Government is preparing a set of principles – a Volunteer Statement – to recognise and support volunteers and to guide its understanding of volunteering in the ACT into the future. An ACT Volunteer Statement will represent a whole-of-government approach and will support organisations working with volunteers by providing a framework of principles on which support for volunteering is based.

Volunteering plays an invaluable role in strengthening our communities, giving a sense of belonging and social cohesion. The ACT has the highest proportion of volunteers in the country with 38% of Canberrans volunteering in some capacity. The development of a Volunteer Statement will acknowledge the vital role which volunteers play. It is also an appropriate way to mark the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers which will fall in December 2011.

The Community Services Directorate is seeking comments through the Volunteer Statement Information Paper and Survey. For further information please

An information paper and survey are available on the Community Services Directorate website at

Join in an online discussion at the Time to Talk website:

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Responses will be accepted until Friday 23 September 2011.