Canberra Business Chamber Christmas cheer goes a long way

Published on 21 December 2015

This festive season, the Canberra Business Chamber team made a decision to forgo a long lavish lunch celebration and instead use the time and budget towards something that would have a lasting impact. They decided to buy gifts for people that need them more than they do, but where to start? The team contacted Hands Across Canberra to better understand the people most in need and that might get overlooked at this time of year. We provided them with demographics that included women and children residing in shelters, fathers who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and teenage boys.

The mission was clear and off they headed. The thoughtfulness shown in what they selected, and how far they made their budget go to provide as many gifts as possible, was nothing short of inspiring! The end result of the day was eight large boxes of wrapped gifts – four to be delivered to Canberra Men’s Centre and four to a women’s refuge.

Watch an interview with Canberra Business Chamber’s CEO, Robyn Hendry and Canberra Men’s Centre Executive Director, Greg Aldridge to understand more of the story and how much this sort of generosity is needed.

If you or your organisation would like to do more to support people in need but don’t know where to start, contacting us is a great place to start.