ACT Pet Crisis Support


We assist low income pet owners with their vet bills to avoid economic euthanasia of beloved family pets.

ACT Pet Crisis Support aims to help pet owners faced with an unexpected veterinary bill for their pet by providing subsidised veterinary care. If a pet owner is unable to be approved for VetPay and has no other options to pay for their pet’s medical care, a veterinarian can apply for help from the charity. We aim to support pet owners who would otherwise have to euthanase or surrender their beloved pet.

We recognise the vital part that pets play in the lives of people in the Canberra community. Pets help to support people from all walks of life, but are often particularly important for marginalised people with mental health concerns, the elderly and those at risk of loneliness.

ACT Pet Crisis was founded in March 2018 by a local Canberra Veterinarian who was devastated by lack of options for low income pet owners. Within a few months of moving back to her home-town of Canberra she had 3 pets surrendered to her by owners who could not afford care for their pets. Knowing this was not a sustainable solution she gathered some friends from her involvement with Pets in the Park Canberra and the idea for the charity was born.

Since March 2018 over 160 pets have been helped by the charity. Pets that would otherwise have been unable to access veterinary care. ACT Pet Crisis Support can be accessed by any veterinary clinic in Canberra and Queanbeyan who encounters a pet owner who has no other options to pay for veterinary care. We simply ask that the vet clinic ensure that the pet owner has exhausted other options to pay for care such as borrowing from friends and family and VetPay. We then pay the vet clinic once the bill has been finalised.