Bosom Buddies ACT Inc

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Our mission is to connect people affected by breast cancer to support, information and services by Bosom Buddies and others within the community. Support Community Connection Awareness

Bosom Buddies is a unique organisation that provides peer to peer support, patient aids and information to those undergoing treatment for breast cancer in the ACT and surrounding region, their families, friends and colleagues.

Buddy Program – personalised peer to peer support for those diagnosed with breast cancer.  When connected with your own “Bosom Buddy”, they stay connected for as long as they are needed.

Blue Buddies – Bosom Buddies provides over 600 Blue Buddy Bags a year to patients via Specialist Breast Care nurses. Over 100 Oncology packs are also distributed to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Shower Tags – Over 10,000 waterproof Bosom Buddies shower tags are distributed each year to promote the importance of early detection.  The shower tag explains what to look for and encourages men and women to check their breasts on a regular basis.

Ongoing Support – For more than 25 years our volunteers have provided personal support and information to those diagnosed with breast cancer, their families, friends or work colleagues.  We organise networking, social activities and information sessions for the wellbeing of men and women as they move on from treatment.

Breast Awareness – Bosom Buddies delivers FREE “Breast Awareness” presentations at schools, government agencies, local businesses, not for profits and other professional service organisations.