Doris Women’s Refuge Incorportated

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Emergency and transitional supported accommodation for women and children who are homeless and in crisis because of experiences of family violence, in addition to the provision of information, referrals, advocacy and outreach support.

Our extensive range of activities is delivered to homeless or at risk of homelessness women and children in crisis due to experiences of violence in the home and family environments. We provide crisis and intensive support and accommodation, holistically assisting them to address needs identified in their case plan, including in the areas of advocacy and support for access to legal, health, participation in education, training and employment, income support, child protection and child development, parenting skills, counselling and mental health, drug and alcohol dependency, immigration, gambling addiction, long term housing and living skills. We dedicate our work with the aim to contribute to influencing change in community behaviour and attitudes that perpetuate violence against women and children. We deliver inclusive services to very vulnerable women and children, including those from Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities. We are confident that we responsibly fulfill our governance and contractual requirements and that we assist women and children to meet positive outcomes and achieve safety and family stability.