Fearless Women

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Fearless Women supports young women aged 10 to 25 in the ACT with their mental health and well-being challenges.

Young women in the ACT experience higher levels of psychological distress than anywhere else in Australia. 

Fearless Women has taken a local approach and built on national and international best practice and research.

Fearless Women has engaged with girls and young women in the ACT to unpack and understand what is worrying them, and how this is manifesting and effecting their psychological well-being, relationships, confidence, and levels of achievement and self-worth. 

Girls and young women have been involved in the developing the most suitable ways of delivering our mentoring, education and counselling programs.   

Our two year one-to-one mentoring program pairs young women with an older, non-judgmental volunteer female mentor who provides advice, guidance, and practical help in navigating the transition from being a child to adulthood.

Fearless Futures, an education program, addresses the unique challenges faced by young women growing up in the Canberra region. It is for girls in Years 5 to 10 and gives them the skills and knowledge to tackle the difficult topics of friendships & bullying, resilience; who am I?; my place in the world; how when and who to ask for help; and how to support a friend who is reaching out. Fearless Futures sessions take place in schools and community groups.

Our objective is to intervene early to avoid the need for longer-term mental health support. We aim to provide an inclusive, safe space for young women to fearlessly find their way to enhanced self-belief, inner strength and resilience.