Hands & Feet Inc

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Hands and Feet is a non-profit community service providing food to people in need.

Hands and Feet is a non-profit community service to people in need. And there are many of them, both young and old. We provide food and clothing to the homeless and to those struggling to feed their families every week.Our aim is to provide help in the short term to allow people an opportunity to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.
Life isn’t about living for ourselves, trying to satisfy our desires. It’s about how we relate to and care for one another. Jesus modeled this in his life and he calls us to follow him in how we treat others. We are asked to help those around us.
Hands and Feet does just this. Our name reflects this heart attitude that allows God to work through us. We become his Hands and Feet in providing for people who need a helping hand in very stressful times of need.