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HelpingACT helps those in need, whoever they may be

Since 2018, HelpingACT has sought broad community involvement from diverse backgrounds to help those in need, no matter what their background.
HelpingACT helps all indiscriminately with special emphasis on helping homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, international students, and those in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities who struggle to find the support they need through other avenues.
This involvement has included financial contributions (in the 2020-2021 financial year we received around $25,000 worth of small donations), food and goods (for example new or used furniture) and volunteer hours (we have a network of over 30 Helpers).  Over 95% of the donations have gone directly to those in need.
Our beneficiaries are whoever call out for help, either through our network or contacting us via email, phone or our website form.  We don’t ask any questions or challenge whether they “qualify”. If they ask for help, we help.
HelpingACT is the brainchild of Mohammed Ali who is the backbone of the organisation, as an extension of the charitable work and fundraising the has been doing for decades in Canberra.
He, with a few people, wanted to formalise the work as an institution that is self-sustaining and can continue far beyond the initial team.
So HelpingACT is more than about one or two Good Samaritans. It’s about a community looking after its own and that is at the heart of its mission:
HelpingACT is here to facilitate and encourage members of our diverse society:
to give to those who need it; and
to build a more compassionate and caring community.
Because helping others is also good for those who help and the community as a whole.