Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT (SHFPACT)

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Sexual and reproductive health and rights for Canberra’s community

SHFPACT’s purpose is improved sexual and reproductive health of the Canberra community. The organisation provides health clinics, education & training services, health information in the areas of human sexuality, reproductive and sexual health. Priority populations for services include: young people, people on low incomes or other financial disadvantage, people with disabilities,people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, gay, lesbian, bisexual and sex- and gender-diverse people. The majority of SHFPACT’s clinical and health promotion work focuses on the prevention and management of disease relevant to our focus on reproductive and sexual health. These activities include cost-affordable and free clinical services supported by funding from the ACT Government, our donors, members and supporters. And work with local health promotion partners to improve access to information, support and testing for sexual health, STIs and BBVs. SHFPACT also runs the specialised Canberra Menopause Centre providing information, support and medical management of menopause symptoms. SHFPACT owns and manages the delivery of the innovative SoSAFE! Framework – visual and conceptual tools for promoting social safety and social skills designed specifically for the communication and learning needs of people with moderate-severe intellectual disability and/or on the autism spectrum – through a network of Australian and international training providers.