Sisters In Spirit Aboriginal Corporation

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A dedicated and sustainable ACT Aboriginal Women’s Advocacy organisation

Sisters In Spirit aims to:

  • Establish, provide and promote services to improve the physical, cultural,
    emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Aboriginal peoples
  • Empower Aboriginal women to be active in business opportunities
    Promote and support the achievements, authority of and cultural obligations
    and interests of Aboriginal women
  • Support and encourage other women and other organisations who work
    towards similar aims
  • Assist and encourage representation and participation of Aboriginal women
    on local, regional, national and international bodies, forums and events
  • Operate community enterprises and build a strong financial base
    for community development activities and infrastructure
  • Promote community development by acting as a resource for the community
    and stakeholders in the areas of education, health, housing, employment and
    welfare to the community
  • Act as a clearing house to facilitate the exchange of information and skills,
    participation and maintenance of community development activities,
    community services, employment and housing for the community