The STOP campaign

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The STOP Campaign is a grassroots movement empowering young people to create and sustain positive socio-cultural change regarding sex and sexual violence through starting conversations and breaking down stigmas

The STOP Campaign is a grassroots Campaign tackling sexual violence at Australian universities, through empowerment and education. Our vision is to create and sustain positive social and cultural change, by igniting conversations and breaking down stigmas surrounding all aspects of sex and sexual violence. We value intersectional and inclusive discourse, attempting to connect with all members of the community through educational and respectful communication, utilising visual and non-visual mediums.

Since our inception in 2018, The STOP Campaign has successfully implemented a number of projects in the ACT. These include the creation of educational materials and resources on safe sex and consent, sexual violence, and sex positivity; facilitating peer-led education sessions in university colleges; facilitating programs for young people (particularly victim-survivors) focused on empowerment and confidence; and building a platform for victim-survivors in our community to publicly share their experiences and journeys towards healing. This year, we commenced our Safe Response Toolkit, a resource catered to provide information to victim-survivors and their supporters on how to access support services and navigate the reporting options available in the ACT.

Our goal for the next 12 months is to expand our outreach and audience to the wider Canberra community, through continuing our ongoing projects such as the Empowerment Program, College Program and Safe Response Toolkit. We will continue to be led by students and young people, as we believe this allows us to connect with those in learning communities through shared lived experiences. Learning communities play a vital role in the formation of people’s worldviews and as they enter and exit these environments, we aim to create a long-lasting positive impact on their lives.