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To improve the mental health and mental wellbeing of individuals through simple activities and talking.

WALK-W-ME was designed upon reflection of 2020.
A simple way to walk and talk through our thoughts within an open environment.
WALK-W-ME is designed for guys to come together to walk and talk.
We have found that walking and talking has become a very authentic way to strike up a conversation without the formalities.
Sometimes these formalities form a structured conversation that makes it difficult to say how we really feel or have felt about certain things in life.
One of the most difficult tasks most people face is the commitment to implement a habit and maintain consistency. Most of us had routines when we were younger, such as playing sport which had required a commitment to ourselves and in some instances a team. WALK-W-ME wants to express that once a habit is started it is just as easy to continue. Showing up once a week for a walk not only has the physical benefits (such as walking for an hour) but also the psychological benefits of being part of a community that are willing to share and listen to each other. Sometimes, you will be there for yourself, but also will be providing support for others.
WALK-W-ME intends to allow guys to walk and talk whilst applying certain systems that implement a commitment to each other. On these walks we do not use our phones as it provides more attention to the group and eliminates other distractions to allow us to concentrate on each other and what is currently being talked about.
We aim to centre our model around people rather than issues as we believe that people are more important and the problems we face together can stay on the outer when being discussed.