HAC proudly supports new projects to make a difference

Published on 27 September 2013

Hands Across Canberra is a community foundation that exists to build ongoing financial and other resources to meet a specific community needs. Through the generous support we receive, we are able to offer support to community organisations to complete projects that will help them achieve their outcomes on a more effective, sustainable way. In our June issue, Hands Across Canberra asked community organisations to apply for project support to help them achieve their highest priority projects.

The Hands Across Canberra Foundation is donating over $40,000 in six grants to local community service organisations this month. The six grants are for specific projects that will improve Canberra’s community.

“The Hands Across Canberra Foundation is excited to announce support of these important projects. The Board reviews each and every project to ensure they create meaningful change for a better Canberra.,” said Mr Alan Williams, Chair of the Hands Across Canberra Foundation said.

The details of the projects supported are:

Tongan Association of Canberra and Queanbeyan: Empowering Women Home Away from Home Project – $10,000

This project will help unemployed Tongan women in the Canberra region to use their skills from home to enhance their lives in Canberra. Read the media release from the cheque presentation here

Communities@Work: Community Kitchen Project – $10,000

This program will teach disadvantaged and vulnerable participants how to cook healthy, affordable meals using rescued ingredients for themselves and their families. They will be able to access a range of support services to promote further independence, inclusion and resilience. The meals will then be individually packaged and distributed to over 90 charities by The Yellow Van Food Rescue Service.

Menslink: Expansion of Mentoring Program – $9,200

This donation will allow the organisation to potentially double the amount of mentoring support they are able to provide to young men at risk in Canberra by increasing the number of trained volunteer mentors.

Asthma Foundation ACT: Integrated asthma care for Canberra’s asylum seeker and refugee population – $6,000
The grant allow AFACT to partner with Companion House to integrate asthma care into the asylum seeker andrefugee population. The funds will contribute to purchasing much needed medical devices fro teh Comapnion House nurses, more training of staff members, and development of culturally appropriate materials to help educate refugees residing in Canberra to care for themselves and thier children who suffer from Asthma.

Karralika Drug and Alcohol Support program: Safe Play therapy in the Child and Family Program – $5,000 

To build an all-weather roof structure for the children’s playgrounds for the up to 15 children who stay at the therapeutic community centre, or who visit parents at the centre. The playground helps create a strong and inclusive environment for the families going through a tough time and children experiencing trauma associated with their parents drug and alcohol use.

UnitingCare Canberra City, Early Morning Centre: Shower facilities – $2,000

 This will enable the community group to provide material support for local homeless people to have a daily shower, including providing shampoo, soap and professionally laundered towels. This will increase their quality of life and employability options.

Hands Across Canberra has to date donated over $140,000 to 19 community projects run by local not for profits and community organisations.

There are almost 100 organisations profiled on the Hands Across Canberra website that people can donate to, or you can donate to the Hands Across Canberra Foundation who gives grants on an as needs basis.