Hands Across Canberra 2019 Impact Report launched today.

Published on 18 October 2019

Hands Across Canberra achieved several milestones in the 2018–2019 period, launching major new efforts to expand the notion of philanthropy in the ACT and advance issues affecting our most vulnerable community members.

One of our strengths as an organisation is our understanding of the different issues impacting Canberrans. Over the years we have learned through our community what matters most to Canberrans. Each year, thousands of people in our city receive support from local charities when they need it the most. The community sector is an incredibly important part of how our city functions and, therefore, every year Hands Across Canberra consults widely about the need that exits and how we might work with the community sector to address real issues such as homelessness, disability, and domestic and family violence.

In October last year we launched Vital Signs, in partnership with the Snow Foundation. Vital Signs is a snapshot of Canberra, and it lays out the case for us all to get involved in our community. Community wellbeing and a sense of belonging is all of our responsibility. In 2018 the Chief Minister announced an entirely new level of philanthropic opportunity in the ACT. By inviting Hands Across Canberra to manage the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund, philanthropy in Canberra was changed forever. We were delighted to be given this honour and one year later we have in place effective investment strategies, supportive technologies and have completed a grant round.

Impact in community continues to be our focus, with over 35 projects granted in 2019 with the support of our partners, which is an injection of more than $550,000 towards projects valued at more than $1.9 million. Our trajectory for growth also means that we continued to focus on strengthening our core activities. With the generous support of PwC this year Hands Across Canberra completed a strategic planning process culminating in the business plan for 2019–2021. We are very
excited about where we are heading and the growth, change and impact this will bring for Canberra.

In 2018–2019, we also expanded our partnership pool by bringing together more people and organisations who want to build a stronger community. This is evident in our growing supporters’ section as well as the many collaborations we witnessed in the grant applications.

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