Hands Across Canberra makes lighter work for the Yellow Van

Published on 09 July 2012

Ms Diane Kargas AM and Peter Gordon, Board Members of the Hands Across Canberra Foundation, visited the Yellow Van’ HQ last month to inspect the commercial dishwasher that Hands Across Canberra provided $6,000 towards.

“The Hands Across Canberra Foundation is very excited to make this contribution to such a crucial service in our region”, Ms Kargas said.

“Hands Across Canberra was established to help community organisations to build their capacity to do their good work. I am honoured to see our donation used in such a practical way to help so many people – the dishwasher will enable the Yellow Van to keep up with the increasing demand for their services and allow their valuable volunteers to work more effectively,” Ms Kargas said.

The new unit is capable of washing 4 large containers at a time, using only 3 litres of water per cycle. A water tank has been connected to capture rainwater and this will offset the unit’s water use.

As one of the fantastic Yellow Van volunteers said, “I love what we do and I love being a part of the team.  It’s just that washing up is always going to be just washing up, and I can do that at home. Thank you Hands Across Canberra!”

Hands Across Canberra hopes to build its philanthropic funds to be able to support more local community organisations in the future, particularly those that find it difficult to attract government or other funding.

There are already 85 organisations profiled on the Hands Across Canberra website that people can donate to. To register your community organisation o for further information visit

The Yellow Van is a food rescue service which rescues perfectly good food that is excess to the requirements of food retailers, caterers, corporate offices and small businesses and delivers it to over 70 charities and refuges across Canberra to provide meals for people in need. The organisation receives no government funding and relies entirely on community support and fundraising activities.

Since commencing operations in 2008, The Yellow Van has rescued enough food to provide more than 1,000,000 meals to disadvantaged people in the Canberra region and help charities address the underlying social problems in our community.

In November 2011, Hands Across Canberra provided the Communities@Work Galilee School with $5,000 towards conducting a school camp for its students. The school provides an alternative education program for disadvantaged and at-risk young people – it is something that the young people look forward to each year and is dependent on funding support.

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