Hands Across Canberra receives government grant to establish a perpetual fund for Canberra’s most vulnerable people.

Published on 03 July 2018

The ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr today announced the ACT Government will commit $5 million to create a new philanthropic fund in Canberra.

The Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund is to be a collaboration with Hands Across Canberra.

The Hands Across Canberra Board welcomes todays announcement by the Chief Minister to establish a Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund which will provide additional support to those Canberrans most in need.

Hands Across Canberra is an independent community organisation, working with more than 160 local community charities to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our city. It was founded in 2010 by a group of Canberra leaders with the humble idea of creating a foundation to help fellow Canberrans and give back to the community.

Diane Kargas Bray AM, Chair of Hands Across Canberra said, “This gift to the community is inspired. It is a great example of collaboration between the government and the community to create long-term change. With the increased capacity more people will benefit from this support”.

“The government funding announced today will be used to establish a Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund.” Ms Kargas Bray, explained.

With access to these additional funds, the Canberra community through Hands Across Canberra will benefit from activities to include social impact investing, social innovation and other progressive initiatives.

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