Leaders in the Construction space, helping our community

Published on 23 June 2021

Hands Across Canberra has been excited about the Strathnairn charity house since its inception. Jo Farrell, founder Build Like A Girl and Pip Seldon, founder of The Healthy Tradie Project are two women who are making a significant contribution to the success of this charity house project. Both women are also paving the way for women in construction by advocating for their overall wellbeing and success in more ways than one.

Jo Farrell who is also Kane Constructions, General Manager and lead builder on the charity house has been in the construction business for over 20 years. She recently founded the foundation, Build Like A Girl, an organisation run by women in construction who are focused on getting more women into trades, helping them navigate a male-dominated industry, and ensuring they have all the support they need to complete their apprenticeship.

Jo has served as an Ambassador to Hand Across Canberra’s 2nd Annual Giving Day and continues to help our community with building the charity house, helping our youth, and raising awareness around issues impacting our community. Jo is a prime example of an industry leader who is paving the future for women who need support via mentorship, apprenticeship opportunities, and more.

Pip is also the Operation Manager at Kane Constructions, as well as founder of the Healthy Tradie Project. When speaking to Pip you can feel her passion and enthusiasm for her holistic and proactive approach in helping both men and women in the construction industry with their overall health and wellbeing. Pip’s story is quite moving and makes you understand her determination in wanting to actively support individuals in the construction industry. Pip offers yoga, workshops and nutritional advice/education to members in the construction sector to help stay safe and healthy throughout their career.

Both women are truly inspiring and we are so happy to being working alongside these community leaders.

For more information on both programs, please visit:

Home – Healthy Tradie Project (

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