The Census is coming this August

Published on 13 July 2021

Australia’s 18th Census is being held on Tuesday 10 August 2021. It’s a national count of every person and every household in Australia.

Census data helps tell the stories of our communities, and the social, cultural and economic make-up of the country. The information is used to help plan better services for our families and communities.

For example:

  • Hands Across Canberra uses Census data to prioritise funding that can address the most critical needs in the community
  • health providers use Census data to understand which services are required in local communities, and who needs specific types of health services – for example, wellbeing support or targeted services for different cultures and age groups
  • universities use Census data to help provide study opportunities for people who otherwise might miss out.

Instructions on how to participate will be sent to every household in early August. Special arrangements are in place for people experiencing homelessness, people in places such as hospital and emergency accommodation, travellers and those living in remote locations.

Everyone in Australia must complete the Census including international students and visa holders.

All personal information collected is kept safe and is not shared with anyone. You and your family can’t be identified by the information you contribute when completing the Census.


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