A school project made a big difference to AEIOU when Amaal chose to fundraise.

Published on 28 March 2022

As we watched the leaderboard grow throughout the Canberra Day Appeal, there was one individual fundraiser that stood out.  Her name is Amaal and she registered with a goal of $300.  Very quickly, she achieved well above her goal.  It all began with a school project, and an understanding of how a charity like AEIOU may help people Amaal knows.  With a bit of help from her mum, the word spread and she was able to have a big impact for a local Canberra charity.  As well as exceeding her own expectations, Amaal also was responsible for AEIOU receiving an additional $1,000 in prizes.

Amaal explains below how she became involved.

Hi, my name is Amaal. I am an 11-year-old, year 7 student. I decided to fundraise for the Canberra Day Appeal because I needed to do a school project. My school project was about being a helpful person in our community. We had many different options as to what we could choose to do for our project, but I decided to try and fundraise for a charity. It is something I had always thought about doing but really didn’t know how to and wasn’t even sure I could do it.

I chose to fundraise with the Canberra Day Appeal because I found it really easy to set up my fundraising page. It took me a bit of time to choose a charity. I ended up choosing the AEIOU Foundation because I also think that all children should have the best life possible. The AEIOU Foundation supports young local children with autism with therapy to help them be a part of the community.

To help raise money, I wrote a letter to my neighbours with the link to my fundraising page. I knocked on their doors and talked to them about my project. It was nice to talk to them. And my parents sent off my letter to friends and family using email and text. My goal was to raise $300 but with everyone donating, $1414 was raised. I was so happy with this.

I really enjoyed learning how to fundraise and giving it a go. It was a really good experience. I would say to other students to just try fundraising. It leaves you with a really nice feeling to know that you can help others.