The Farm in Galong Limited

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The Farm in Galong provides services to women and their children recovering from substance abuse, family violence, child abuse and other forms of complex trauma. Key outcome measures comprise not only reduced recidivism (freedom from addiction), but reconnection to removed children, educational and vocational attainment, and therapeutic healing through the social enterprise of the beautiful Farm property and its horticulture and animal husbandry activities.

The Farm in Galong’s program focus is on integrated and sustained recovery through a Therapeutic Community model, in turn based on a very well evidenced theory of change approach. Treatment aims to meet physical, mental/intellectual and emotional/relational needs, through a regular rhythm of meditation, manual labour, study and rest/recreation. The labour comprises care of buildings and some light sustainable farming activities in a beautiful rural social enterprise environment. Residents receive individual case management, psychology and group therapy from qualified counsellors/psychologists, and also have free access to GP, dental, nutrition, exercise and other allied health services.

Residents become increasingly independent as they move through the program, prior to stepped re-entry to independent living. Readiness is judged as the ability to access a job, a house and a social support network, including restoration of relationships with their families where helpful. Clients are encouraged to select an area of study and gain a Cert III or Cert IV during their residency, with vocational support and employment connection also provided (e.g. work experience, assistance with study and job applications, permanent ultimate job placement).

So far 19 clients have graduated the program, with 17 achieving desired outcome end-points. The social enterprise and capital works aspects of the Farm are also progressing significantly, with accreditation processes near completion as well.